For years, irregular settlement was dominant in Istanbul. Istanbul, which has experienced a lot of migration in the last 50 years, has not found any solution to the irregular structure and inadequate infrastructure problem as a result. In recent years, however, both the infrastructure and the regular settlement problem have been solved in the construction of new settlements. Basaksehir proved the quality of building and infrastructure as the new face of Istanbul. In Basaksehir where mass housing and large apartment buildings are built a lot, very high quality living spaces have been created for people. Hundreds of properties for both domestic and foreign investors are sold at very attractive prices. With its green areas and regular roads, Basaksehir keeps you away from the noises and crowds of Istanbul. If you want to live a better life in a big city like Istanbul, you can buy a property in Basaksehir. Finding a reliable real estate agent to find the right property for you has a great proposition.
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